Family Christmas Tree

I decided to draw a christmas tree for my family as a gift in stead of shopping in the mall. (managed to avoid it all together).
~ Merry Christmas Bailey's~


Women Of Sparta

My first Of many Fresh tees to come
This design will speak to those who are powerful, fearless and liberated! It portrays strength when there is no fear. With no fear, you can challenge and conquer ANYTHING!
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E VA Tees

New And fun.. Tee Designs.


Volcan Llaima , Northern part of Chile

So this is a painting I did this past weekend for my Grandfather's 8Oth birthday. It was done with plain old water colors. I've been working on more classical style artwork these day.. I LOVE IT!


Demo ReeL

So here it is for those who have never seen my work in action.


*Shooting Star*

Just a follow-up of the previous relationship.