So this was a birthday card i worked up for one of my good friends for her birthday. 
It just represents us girl having a good time as mermaids..lol
i plan on working it up more for my portfolio, will update when its done:D


The Fernilli Bro's

This is a piece I did while working at H.O.C. These are the Fernilli Bros', they're are part of a pilot for a show called Spaghetti West.
I had tuns of fun working with both characters and painting the bg, 
exploring with a variety of textures.
cant wait to do mooore!


The New Way

just a piece i did after i saw a girl riding her bike. in Toronto there are sooo many cyclists its crazy.. all kinds.. i love it!


"I never thought a day would come where a bird flirted with me."
I met this bird at the Zoo, and she literally came up to
my foot with no fear. Instead she gave me a soft squinty-eyed look.
a bird just flirted with me!! lol.. well besides that, i had alot of fun
coloring this bird and exploring "bird textures."

Elephant BuTT

I was really able to get familiar with elephant butts. They just were not
into the posing mode i guess.

These where some additional layouts for my student film.


A Nutty Love - Miss Sassafraz

Well, the final character for my Film. Miss Sassafraz, the name came when a girl who had auditioned for Leeta's role simply spat it out while improvising on some lines. I initially told the voice actor that the charater (Leeta) would have a lisp, coincidentally the voice actor having a similar mouth structure, the name just came to her instantly and quite naturally. This name was than born and immeditely assigned to my old women character.
Anyways, Miss Sassafraz throughout the film is the character in contrast to Leeta. She is very slow, and takes her time doing EVERYTHING. She too catches the squirrels attention, for similar reasons as Leeta, Maybe it's obvious looking at her structure....hm..maybe its not...Oh well.. we'll have to just wait and see..
In the meant time...still husslting on the film...Exploring with animation.
AND that's that. All the stars part of my Student Graduate Film!
take care...
for now.


A Nutty Love - The Stars of My film.

Noco, the main star in my film, has the same motives as any other squirrel, however add delusion to his perception of what and who are acorns, and you have it. A squirrel, with 'A Nutty Love'.

Little Leeta, A girl scout on her way to sell cookies to her old neighbour, and manages some how to catch the squirrel's attention.

I guess you'll know why when the film comes out!

In the mean time, i'm finishing up the third character, the Old Women, cute and stubby.

Until next time.


Film Set Up

So this is the layout for my upcoming film `Ode to a Nuts Love` .
Mainly trying to achieve a fall theme using a variety of fun colours.