"I never thought a day would come where a bird flirted with me."
I met this bird at the Zoo, and she literally came up to
my foot with no fear. Instead she gave me a soft squinty-eyed look.
a bird just flirted with me!! lol.. well besides that, i had alot of fun
coloring this bird and exploring "bird textures."


Mark said...

Firty Birdy.. your a joker..
Although that is a suitable name for this brave little bird..
I see you made some minor touch ups.. They make all the difference tho.. Nice job :)

Justin said...

Super great job on the eye eh! best little colourful birdy I ever did see. Glad to be werkin with ya again Eve.

DrawDoll said...

Hey I really like this, big jump since the last time i saw your stuff.

DrawDoll said...
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